Best Clouds for Axure Teams?


Hi Folks,

My client is considering porting us all to Box. (Google Drive and Dropbox have both been rejected.) So far I’ve had less than ideal experiences with any cloud storage working together with Axure’s team projects (.rpprj files). Headaches on fighting my laptop’s need to be the Most Important Cloud Storage System ™, while Dropbox and Axure cloud also vie for that title and position.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Particularly, will using Box allow us to save our “local” files to the same single location, rather than creating several hidden temp files on our hard drives while we work?

If not Box, can you recommend a better solution? Coming up on my renewal with one of these, and I’d love to move us all over before that happens. Perhaps it’s time to return to the good old fashioned massive hard drive on the desk…

Thanks All!