Books to read or to recommend


I read a lot, and not just articles or research or UX. I like to share stuff I read and like.


Just started reading the Black Swan: the Impact Of the Highly Improbable. It’s worthy so far.

The Black Swan: Second Edition: The Impact of the Highly Improbable (Incerto)


I haven’t read that one yet, but Antifragile from the same author was world-shaking for me. I didn’t like the style of writing or the author’s bombast and self-adoration, but I couldn’t put it down.


I still highly recommend Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt to anyone who likes these kinds of texts.

From a more hands-on Researching UX User Research by James Lang and Emma Howell is a light read published by Site-point that has a lot of instruction.


Yeah, agreeed about the tone of voice and style but good content. I read Antifragile too and got that same Richard Dawkins-type feel. Good thoughts and ideas, self important blowhard author.


This is more philosophical reading for me @avangelist less heavy than say Anthropic Bias but less business-focused than Team of Teams

Don’t even get me started on the sci-fi series du jour.


I have created a list of UX related books some time ago:


There’s also this out in the wild:

I just read a wide range of stuff (HMU if anyone wants to talk dystopian futures or Dune).


This Airtable from Chris Oliver;

is a really useful collection of UX & Design related books, made even more useful by the inclusion of the ‘user rating’ feature ツ


Hah! That’s my Google sheet, they apparently moved it to airtable :joy:

Obviously haven’t looked at it in a while. I’m reading Black Swan by the guy who wrote Anti-Fragile, the most recent Expanse book(#7), and Reader Come Home about how digital reading is changing our brains.