Introductions and hello!


I’m Ryan, the forum admin. Let me know if you need anything.


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Hi y’all!


Hi Ryan!

Didn’t know about this platform. Thanks for adding me :slight_smile:


Well hello there! I"m so ready for this!Puppy%20ready%20giphy


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thanks Ryan - this is such a good idea. Will be really helpful.



Hi, I made it here too! I definitely like the idea of a forum as I also find it difficult to stay up with the standard forms of social media these days.

Great idea, Ryan!


@katetowsey Hello Kate!


:slight_smile: Very slick. It wants my post to be at least 20 chars.


Yea there are some fiddly settings that I’m still finding. Updated that min post length one just now.


Well, all in all. Looking fab.


Yhellow from Zürich (Switzerland) folks :slight_smile:


Thanks Kate! Glad you’re here!


Hi Yhellow!


Hi everyone, I am an Experience Designer from Cape Town in South Africa. I’m working at Nurun which is in the brand new Publicis Groupe building & this is literally the view from my desk.

(unrelated) the building being constructed to the left is the new Amazon AWS building.


Hey @Daran @vicilur & @crystal!


@avangelist Hi Andy!


Yay new people!
Hello @carl, @enjoji, @sonja, @benjaminparry, @Stu


Hi @ryan , I’m ux design manager from Tokyo. Thanks for your warm welcome :smile: