Introductions and hello!


Thanks mmilo,
I cannot say with any certainty but the slack community has been closed off and I don’t know whether it is likely to reopen for a number of reasons.

That was part of the reason Ryan and I had wanted to setup a public space to get that conversation exposed and accessible to anyone.

Hope you find it useful, please do open up any questions you have in the various spaces and we look forward sharing together


hello fellow Brightonian, glad to see you are keeping well. Look forward to sharing thoughts with you.


Hi everyone! I’m a UX researcher & experimenter based in London. Glad to be here :slight_smile:


Hello new friends! There are a lot of you!

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Hello everybody,

I’m a UX/Service designer based in Paris. I’m looking forward to sharing knowledge and inspiration.

Anybody here based in France?


Hello everyone, glad to be here. I am a UX designer in San Francisco looking to expand my knowledge of user research from the pros.


Hi! Freelance and contract UXD/UXR here, with a focus on SAAS product design and B2B/internal tools. Looking forward to sharing and discovering.

Based in Melbourne, Australia.


Welcome! I left the Bay Area in January and I desperately miss good burritos :expressionless: Great to have you here!


Please some share your Ops knowledge!!!


Can we just talk about how awesome that tug boat mural is?


Hey y’all! Welcome to @sarahkettles (@marisa look who it is!) @lars @Sujit @shannond @ewa
@whydidyoudothat @The1987Daniel!


Hi there, thank you! I’m a design researcher in Dublin, Ireland, currently a team of one in my company (with good support from the design lead) and I’m constantly learning and looking for inspiration, which is why I try and join as many different groups, slacks and communities as possible - sometimes you miss something in one place and end up catching up in another.
I hope to eventually start contributing as much as I consume, here for the long ride :grin:


I’ve been poking around here for a few months but haven’t introduced myself as a job change was in the works. But I can now say:
Hi there! I’m Kelly and I previously worked with the experience-based software development company projekt202 (offices in Dallas, Austin, Seattle, and Chicago) as their Principal Experience Researcher. In mid-November I will start my new job as a UXR at Google in the Mountain View area. My background is in anthropology and that guides a lot of what I do. I’m really excited, and glad to be part of this group!


Hi Kelly - I’ve met you before in the Projekt202 days. Nice to “see” you!


HELLO and welcome! What team are you going to be working w/ in Mt. View? I was with the Google Store team for a while last year before moving to Austin.


Yes, nice to see you too Holly! Hope all is well.


Thanks Ryan! I’ll be on the core search team - tell me everything! :grin:


Hi Folks! I missed the chance to say hello earlier. Looking forward to seeing this forum meet our communal needs.

Are there more researchers than designers here? Just curious.

I’m a Bentley HFID grad, specializing in Lean UX in Agile teams. I’ve been in-house and a consultant. Lately I’ve been working most with a small start up; it’s a blast. We do research-backed design, and report directly into pivotal tracker tickets. It’s satisfying to see the work have such direct results within the engineering team’s work.

Have a great day!


Guess I should add: I’m based in metro Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I didn’t realize we were so dispersed! Very cool.


Hey Martha! I’m a Bentley grad too! Welcome aboard! :smiley: