Introductions and hello!


HELLO and welcome! What team are you going to be working w/ in Mt. View? I was with the Google Store team for a while last year before moving to Austin.


Yes, nice to see you too Holly! Hope all is well.


Thanks Ryan! I’ll be on the core search team - tell me everything! :grin:


Hi Folks! I missed the chance to say hello earlier. Looking forward to seeing this forum meet our communal needs.

Are there more researchers than designers here? Just curious.

I’m a Bentley HFID grad, specializing in Lean UX in Agile teams. I’ve been in-house and a consultant. Lately I’ve been working most with a small start up; it’s a blast. We do research-backed design, and report directly into pivotal tracker tickets. It’s satisfying to see the work have such direct results within the engineering team’s work.

Have a great day!


Guess I should add: I’m based in metro Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I didn’t realize we were so dispersed! Very cool.


Hey Martha! I’m a Bentley grad too! Welcome aboard! :smiley: