I’ve gotten a few podcast recommendations from @hollyface1975 but would love to get a few more queued up.
I’m currently listening to:

  • You Are Not So Smart
  • User Defenders
  • Mixed Methods
  • Hidden Brain
  • The Knowledge Project
  • The Turnaround
  • 99% Invisibe
  • How I Built This

What else is out there?


What’s wrong with UX?
99% Invisible


Oops. Missed that you already have 99% Invisible. It’s gooooood.



Dollars to Donuts!
The Dirt
Working File


Working file looks intriguing! Onto the list it goes for sure!


Juicy new listening:

True North


Thanks for this topic. I love podcasts too! User Defenders along with the first 3 below are my regular listens. I’ve added a few more that touch on User Research topics but I don’t get around to listening to very often.

  • Human Tech
  • UX Podcast
  • UI Breakfast
  • Rosenfeld
  • Service Design Show
  • Aurelius
  • Design Life
  • UXpod
  • Design Notes
  • UX radio


I’ve really enjoyed the 1st series of Design Everywhere. There’s a strong focus on research and covers a broad scope of themes, the prototyping episode was particularly interesting.

Other noteworthy shows

Also an aside for Android users out there, the Podcast Addict app gets five stars from me.


I’m biased, but vote +1 for True North. New season currently in the works


Do we have this on the thread yet? https://userdefenders.com/


This is HCD - The Human Centered Design Podcast


This is such a good thread, thank you all!

I’ve been listening to User Defenders, 99% Invisible and Freakonomics on Stitcher and Spotify.

Now I’ve downloaded the Podcast Addict app (thanks @benjaminparry, at a first glance it looks really good and I am addicted to it) and subscribed to a bunch of the several podcasts listed here.

This is going to feed my brain for quite a while :grin: