Starting out as a UX Researcher

Hey guys,

So I am currently working as a Digital Marketer and I run an international magazine on the side. Previously, I worked as a product designer in the past and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative aspect of product design and marketing. I am currently at a stage in my career that I feel that it is time to expand my skills and possibly move on from Marketing, UX has always been something that I find interesting and would love to dive into that career path. I was wondering if there are any tips, advice, links, videos, books you could share with me to help me with this journey.

Thank you

Hey Abi,
A great place to start would be
It’s way cheaper than bootcamps (which may not provide a ton of value if you’re hoping to get into research) and will help you get some basics established.

A lot of research roles will look out for people who come from social science research backgrounds and may (probably) require an advanced degree so start checking out universities where you live for Masters in Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Psychology, or other social science disciplines that have some solid applied research methods classes as part of their coursework.