Survey and questionnaire design resources


I’m on the hunt for good resources on survey design. Does anyone have any good recommendations?


Here are some UX survey design ideas I found useful:

[](http://UX of User Research Surveys)

[](http://20+ User Experience Survey Questions)


I liked the look of Designing and Conducting Survey Research: A Comprehensive Guide … But to be honest I have only skimmed the TOC.


These are excellent suggestions. Thank you


Oh nice call. I’m going to let the pain of spending that much on a kindle book be my motivation for getting through at least a few chapters.


Consider getting a subscription to safaribooksonline that particular book and a good few others are on there. The subscription is $39 a month which kills me in my currency bit is more affordable than individual books. Reading experience isn’t as cool as Kindle but isn’t bad either.


Another researcher highly recommended “The Psychology of Survey Response” and I’m finding that quite helpful.


This has come up a number of times this week with a client looking for advice to give their team. They felt that what the team were producing for surveys to customers to gather feedback weren’t right, but they couldn’t communicate what it was that was troubling them.

I shared the following videos which I think are a great starting point.

From a lightning talk session I ran a few years ago - Jeremy Rosenberg make better surveys