This is the beginning of the ResearchOps discussion


This is the beginning of the ResearchOps discussion


Wanted to share @hana’s Medium Articles about ResearchOps from a few months ago, because they’re fantastic and because scones :slight_smile: These articles are great primers on getting things started.


I’m still super confused about what research ops is. It’s a new term to me and I’ve been doing research in industry for over a decade. Does anyone have a clear definition they could provide?

Couldn’t it be said that this entire forum is about operationalizing research?


That’s a good way of putting it. I think of this quote from excellent learn-by-fiction book “The Phoenix Project” which is about the DevOps revolution:

"The First Way helps us understand how to create fast flow of work as it moves from Development into IT Operations, because that’s what’s between the business and the customer.

"The Second Way shows us how to shorten and amplify feedback loops, so we can fix quality at the source and avoid rework.

"And the Third Way shows us how to create a culture that simultaneously fosters experimentation, learning from failure, and understanding that repetition and practice are the prerequisites to mastery.”

When I started in research, it was project-based, and I’d take time to design and conduct the research, then write up and deliver a report. (This still happens for some clients.) But in the most effective teams I work with, research is simply embedded into the way they work. It’s continuous, the synthesis happens almost immediately, and the team can act on it right away. I feel like we’re working on improving the First and Second ways, but I haven’t yet found anywhere that’s nailing the Third way.